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Hello there! Is the game still in development?

Hello! Thank you so much for asking! Unfortunately, we haven't been able to update the game as of late and given current circumstances with the global pandemic, it is difficult to ascertain whether the project can still continue. For now, it is on an indefinite hiatus.

Okay, don't worry! Hoping everyone is okay! 

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I’m glad you we’re able to upload a demo of the game despite your setbacks! I really enjoyed reading through it; The setting is right up my alley, and I can already tell Bear will be my favorite. I’m looking forward to reading more of it. The art is also very charming! 

I'm so glad you found it enjoyable! Thank you so much! I hope you'll still be around when the extended demo releases! <3

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Hey, I read your post-mortem post and hope you're feeling better! I think you did a great job considering the circumstances. I enjoyed playing the demo even though it was rough and I feel like it has a lot of potential!

Overall the story was really intriguing, it was cool to meet the characters and see them in an action sequence. I like the 3 toy characters a lot so far (I think Bear is my favorite now, his design is great and I liked the part where he carries you around haha). I'm also really curious about the mysterious character from the beginning/bad ends and how they're going to fit into the overall story.

And aehtrv did a great job on the art, I really love their style. The characters are all super cute! I also liked seeing Reina's room, especially the details like her little plants.

I'll for sure look forward to the extended demo and the full game whenever you're able to finish them (no pressure, take your time!). Good luck with everything!

Thank you for being so kind! We admit that the demo definitely could be improved, but I'm very glad you think it has potential to be better. I hope that when we release the extended demo, a lot of the story background will be explained and hopefully, things will make more sense and will have better writing, too!

We hope you'll be around when the extended demo releases! <3

I read your post mortem post and I'm happy you are still able to submit on time despite your odds. I've played the demo, and I think it seems shorter than 10 000 words though or maybe because I read very fast, But I liked it nonetheless. I've also come across a bug that crashes my game, but I'm unsure if it's due to my PC or else entirely.

Good luck with the rest of the work! Looking forward to the full game.

hi, is there no mac option? a friend of mine tried it out but they use windows and i use mac and i want to try this because it looks cute.

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in the demo! I'll work on a mac option and post an update as soon as I can. :--)

Hi there! Replying to you here to let you know that a Mac option is now available. Hope you look forward to it! :--)

Hi Neru! I've been following your project's progress from the Lemmasoft Forums and hope you're dong better after that operation you had in mid March! Congrats for releasing your project's demo on! You've earned a follower for your team~

So I decided to take a look at the Features section of the main post for your game on the Lemmasoft Forums some time before the demo released and a lot of ideas sprang up in my head. This is gonna be a long comment so I'm splitting it into three sections: First Impressions, Suggestions and Questions About InTWoN.

First Impressions (Blind playthrough)

The background for the cafe scene could use some people in the seats and the customers could look up at the player for added weirdness when Reina sips her just ordered coffee.
I like Leo's design and Bear looks to be the big brother type to his fellow Dreamchasers (justified by the latter being the oldest of Reina's toys)


- Create two custom UI designs for the waking world and dream realm sections of the game.
- Use small tabs with chibi faces of the MC and her love interests to denote event illustrations on the far left side of the screen for the common route and each of the boys' story paths respectively in the CG gallery. Buttons for the other menu sections at the bottom of the screen.
- Implement that Reina X Bear doodle that aehtrv drew while designing the characters at the start of March as one of Bear's route CGs!
- Achievements section in the Extras menu with 'Exceptional Dreamer' being the name for the achievement for 100% completion of the game
- Put in a short point-and-click sequence for Reina's (tidied) bedroom so players can learn about some info about her childhood and adolesence
- The game could use backgrounds for other parts of Reina's house (Dining room, front hallway etc.) and sprites for our heroine's parents
- Add 'Otome', 'Multiple Endings' and 'renpy' tags to the drop down "More information" menu
- Extend the intro sequence after the MC wakes up at the start of the game to provide a bit of background info on anything that may be of interest to players

Questions About InTWoN
- How far are you in writing regarding the routes?
- Since you mentioned that InTWoN is a working title will it change or remain as it is for the final release?
- Will the complete edition be free/pay-what-you-want?

Hi there, and thank you for the really long comment (seriously, I appreciate the time and effort you've spent on giving feedback!) :--)

I'm glad you like Leo's design! And yes, I envisioned Bear to be such a big brother type so I'm also happy he seems that way to you (props to aehtrv for capturing them so nicely). We'll take your suggestions into consideration! Honestly, a lot of the planned features and expectations have been reduced (I explained it in the post-mortem post I shared awhile ago), so I understand that the demo looks really rough. I'm thankful for your insights (especially the new ones like having some point-and-click interface and custom UI for dream vs real world) because they give ideas we could possibly work on throughout the year.

Re: additional tags, yes, I'll add them! Thanks so much! That'll help with the reach of the game, though I'm already content with a small audience. (of course, more is better) :--)

About your questions, I'm finished with Lion's route, and halfway with Bear's and Penguin's. For now, I'm thinking of keeping InTWON as the game title since I've used it so often already (and it would take a whole lot of thinking effort to come up with a catchier name). Lastly, the full game will be free of charge. ^^

Thanks for playing!

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No, thank you for your courage to get this project out into the world! ♡

One more question: Is Reina actually a magical girl whose powers unknowingly manifested in bringing her plushies to life and granting them human forms since she was small?

More suggestion:

- Include CGs of sleepy!Reina in nightclothes at the start of the game and her picking up and looking at her (final version edition) old stuffed animals after she finds them in her closet(w/changing expressions; suprise then reminscing mode with a smile on her face)!

"One more question: Is Reina actually a magical girl whose powers unknowingly manifested in bringing her plushies to life and granting them human forms since she was small?"

That's a super cute idea but I'm afraid she's just a simple girl! <3 More info on what exactly the world setting is and what the plushies actually are in the extended demo! I hope you'll still be around when that gets released! :--) And thank you again for another suggestion! We'll try to make it work out!

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I will be! Admittedly, with the distractions of my favorite cartoons launching new seasons and new indie games releasing soon, I might forget about this gem...but since I'm now following you and I check my email inbox weekly, there's no problems on that front.☆

P.S. Waiting for the complete version of Home's Embrace to hit this storefront! Are you excited as I am?

Yes! Despite the full game release being pushed back by a few days, I'm definitely looking forward to it! <3